Re: [cairo] color fonts and CAIRO_OPERATOR_SOURCE

On Mon, Sep 11, 2017 at 4:44 AM, Uli Schlachter <psychon znc in> wrote:

So apparently this behaviour is by design, meaning that glyphs can only
really be used with operator OVER any more (well, and some others). So
let me ask this another why: Is this really a good behaviour?

I think you are jumping to conclusions here. The only glyphs for which this is a problem
with the current code are color glyphs. Most glyphs are still fine with other operators. One
answer I gave on irc is: if you want to do fancy stuff with text, you better control which
fonts are involved, so use a custom context (which can avoid loading color glyphs for the
emoji family). But that is not a great answer. Some ideas for a better one:

- Add an api to find out if a fond has color glpyhs
- Add an api to control loading of color glyphs
- Clip when painting color glyphs to not affect the target outside the extent of the glyph
Oh and one more thing: Who updates cairo's docs and all the explanations
on the web page? ("glyphs work like this, except when they do not").

 I can take a look at docs. No idea about the web page.

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