Re: Gtk Builder and item id


thanks for your patch; GTK uses Bugzilla to track issues,
contributions, and requests for enhancements.

Please, file a bug at: and attach
your patch, so it won't get lost and will be properly reviewed.

It would be stellar if you created a patch against the current Git
repository, either using `git format-patch` or, better, the `git-bz`
command; this allows us to track ownership and to easily review the
code contributions. For more information, see:

Thanks again for your contribution!


On 7 November 2017 at 20:23, Christian Schoenebeck
<schoenebeck linuxsampler org> wrote:

I noticed that the current Gtk Builder XML parser does not accept an id for
"item" elements. Please consider the attached patch to address this.

Background: it should be possible to query menu items at runtime to change
their labels (text) at any time.

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