glib compilation problems when building from git master with MSVC

When trying to build glib (git master) I've hit a few compilation snags arising from commit #53bd6a359f (29th Sept 2017)

1) Firstly (in gstdio.c) the function:- '_g_win32_readlink_utf16_raw()' uses a value called "IO_REPARSE_TAG_SYMLINK". This doesn't seem to be defined for MSVC - at least not in my version (VC8).

2) gstdio.c uses some other identifiers too - notably, 'FILE_STANDARD_INFO' and 'FILE_NAME_NORMALIZED'. These seem to be declared in winbase.h which should (in theory) be getting #included by windows.h. However, MSVC reports them both as undeclared identifiers (even if I specifically #include winbase.h !!)

Is there some new #define needed which I maybe don''t know about ??


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