CSS documentation and non-breakable hyphens

Hey there,

While browsing the GTK+ CSS documentation lately in my web browser, I
noticed a weird phenomenon. If you do a research on 'font-' (for
example), most of the 'font-' strings are left out of the search results.

You can try it easily. Go on this page, and do a research on 'font-'.

The truth behind is that the page uses 'non-breaking hyphens' (U+2011)
instead of 'normal hyphens'. I suppose it works great for formatting,
but it kind of breaks the search function in the browser.

If you're curious about that on your console, browse the GTK+ source
code. And do something like that.

    cd docs/references
    grep -rl $'\xe2\x80\x91' .
    grep $'\xe2\x80\x91' ./gtk/css-overview.xml

I've been even more curious and tried to replace all these non-breaking
hyphens with normal hyphens.

    sed -i 's:\xe2\x80\x91:-:g' css-*.xml

The result is not that bad, but it's true that some property names in
first column of the tables get split in two lines.

Wondering if there's a better way to do that.


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