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Date: Sun, 28 May 2017 10:55:21 +0800
From: Cong Monkey <congzhangzh gmail com>
To: gtk-devel-list <gtk-devel-list gnome org>
Subject: will gobject-introspection build system migrate to cmake or
        meason in       the future?
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  I am a fun of python and gtk, I want to port gobject-introspection
to windows, the current manul update VS project make upstream a little

  Will gobect-introspection migrate to a modern and cross platform
friendly solution like cmake or meason in the near future?

If one considers "cross platform" to include MSYS2, which provides Linux-like build tools but (unlike Cygwin) produces native Win32/64 binaries, then the current system already qualifies. MSVC is not the only game in town.

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