Call not guarded properly

After updating glib from git master today I can no longer build with MSVC.  The build now fails to link because gio makes a call to 'g_openuri_portal_open_uri_finish()' (in function 'g_app_info_launch_default_for_uri_finish()')

Looking around at similar calls, I reckon the function should maybe look like this:-

    g_app_info_launch_default_for_uri_finish (GAsyncResult  *result,
                                                                                  GError       **error)
    #ifdef G_OS_UNIX  // <--- This guard added by me !!!!
      return g_openuri_portal_open_uri_finish (result, error);
      return FALSE;  // <--- and this added by me !!!!

Should I flag this up in bugzilla or have I misunderstood something?


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