Re: gtk_text_iter_forward_search() comparison

On Sat, Jan 28, 2017 at 07:16:04PM -0500, Eric Cashon via gtk-devel-list wrote:
I have been working on a little search experimentation. Gave writing a
case in-sensitive gtk_text_iter_forward_search() a try. The code is
shorter than what is in gtktextiter.c and it works a little faster. If
a word is searched that isn't very frequent the time is about the
same. If you just look for single chars or words that are frequent it
looks to be quicker.

Is the performance of gtk_text_iter_forward_search() a problem for your
application? Or you just wanted to play a little with the code?

(Side note: GtkSourceView has a higher-level API for the search and
replace, with regex support. If you're working on the search and replace
for an application, this is worth a look.)

Not sure if this a suitable method though. I know
little of the textbuffer internals. UTF-8 gives me some trouble also.

This doesn't give us confidence in your code. Bug-free code is more
important than better performance at the cost of UTF-8-related bugs.


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