Patch is waiting for your review

Hi everyone,

This email is about asking help for processing a submitted patch. I have already tried other ways to get my patch reviewed, including waiting for feedback and talking to people on irc to no avail. 

Here is the story. There is an open bug from 2004 that hits me every single day. Therefore I spent a few days and tried to fix it myself. This bug affects GtkTextView and is related to the movement of the cursor in right to left or bidirectional context . (Please don't panic and read on.)

Here is the problem. Ctrl+left/right arrow keys moves the cursor always logically which is undesired in right to left text, simply because it is totally counter intuitive (for RTL users of course). After years of writhing RTL text I am not able to get used to it, believe me.

Here is what I have done. I simply read the text, ask pango to tell me the direction and enforce visual movements of cursor if the text is RTL. Of course it is not perfect specially when there are both RTL and LTR text present in the buffer. However, it improves the current state. I have already checked the implementation in WebKit. It has similar problems, but at least by pressing Ctrl+L/R arrow (with or without shift) the cursor is visually moved, which is desired.

Here is how you can help. Even though you might not be an RTL user but you can definitely help me with other aspects of the patch. I need somebody to look at the patch and tell me if my code is sane according to any gtk way of doing things. Sooner or later I will forget what I have done and where things were when I was coding this patch (even with comments...).

Here is the language of users who will benefit from this change: Persian, Arabic, Hebrew.

I will happily work with any interested body to provide more info on the bug, RTL languages, etc to finally get this almost 12 years old bug fixed.

- Mehdi


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