(glib) Lock Manager

Hi everyone,

I have been working in C for many years and GLIB is the best thing since sliced bread for C programming. The one thing that I've wanted for some time is a way to abstract locks to a single lock and just use them in a session. I've also have ran into issues with other programs which have had deadlock issues and such and would always have wanted a way to see what locks are taken and by whom but in a deadlock scenario your only options are gdb and long story short that is not fun (could go in detail but its more fun to stare at grass while its growing).

Made a program for this which is a lock manager which incorporates the GMutex, GRecMutex and GRWLock into a single GLock. Below is a link to my github with examples of this as well as usage in main.c. I wrote this with the hopes that if its useful it could be incorporated into GLib.

If there is something already for this that I missed please let me know.

Do you feel that this is something that would be useful for GLib if so let me know how I can help.



Nodar Nutsubidze

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