Re: GtkGlArea render fps is different than monitor frame rate

Hi Eric,

GdkFrameClock does not help with this issue -- I tried it. If your render time is small enough to not cause problems (frame drops) then calling gtk_widget_queue_draw() from the tick callback compared to calling from the draw function itself does not give a difference. :(

On Mon, Feb 6, 2017 at 1:10 AM, <cecashon aol com> wrote:

Hi Ferenc,

You should be able to take care of what you are after with GTK. The GdkFrameClock works very well for smooth animation. It will get rid of the jitter. Give it a try. You would just need to set up your code a little differently.

It you are interested in a simple animation with a frame clock, there is one at

The drawing is with cairo but the idea is the same. You could render your GL widget in a similar way and the result will be smooth animation if your drawing times are fast.


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