Re: Build Gtk+ by Meson with locally installed Glib

This is helpful.
PATH=/path/to/glib/2.55.0/bin:$PATH PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/path/to/glib/2.55.0/lib/pkgconfig meson . build_dir --prefix=/
Also, installing to a local directory requires setting of the DESTDIR variable:
PATH=/path/to/glib/2.55.0/bin:$PATH ninja
DESTDIR=/install/path ninja install
Thanks a lot!
29.12.2017, 15:13, "Daniel Boles" <dboles src gmail com>:
I'd think the simplest option is to put your local GLib in your PATH with higher priority, so that the non-absolute invocation of g-c-r finds your one instead of the system one.

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