Build Gtk+ by Meson with locally installed Glib


How can I build Gtk+ 3.93.0 by Meson with locally installed Glib 2.55.0?

I have tried pkgconfig:

PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/path/to/glib/2.55.0/lib/pkgconfig meson -Ddisable-modules=true 
-Denable-wayland-backend=false -Dintrospection=false -Ddemos=false -Dbuild-tests=false -Ddocumentation=false 
--buildtype debug . build_dir --prefix="/install/path"
cd build_dir

But this results to:

[1/661] Generating gdkresources_h with a custom command.
[2/661] Generating gdkresources_c with a custom command.
FAILED: gdk/gdkresources.c 
glib-compile-resources gdk/gdk.gresource.xml --sourcedir ../gdk/. --sourcedir ../gdk --c-name _gdk --internal 
--generate --target gdk/gdkresources.c --manual-register --dependency-file gdk/gdkresources.c.d
Unknown option --dependency-file

I.e. it uses old system's glib instead of local one (in /path/to/glib/2.55.0/).

How can I tell meson/ninja to use local Glib install tree?

Meson: 0.44.0
Ninja: 1.8.2

Thank you.

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