Why these settings are deprecated?

I would like to ask question directly to main GTK developers. Why these Xsettings are deprecated?

* gtk-button-images
* gtk-enable-mnemonics
* gtk-icon-sizes
* gtk-menu-bar-accel
* gtk-menu-bar-popup-delay
* gtk-menu-images
* gtk-menu-popdown-delay
* gtk-menu-popup-delay
* gtk-show-input-method-menu
* gtk-show-unicode-menu
* gtk-toolbar-icon-size
* gtk-toolbar-style
* gtk-visible-focus
* gtk-alternative-button-order

What is the reason of limiting GTK customization? Why only application programmer should have ability to change these settings (as g-object properties etc.) and why user shouldn't?

And second question. Why you are forcing removing icons from images and menu items instead just disabling it by default in GNOME? Maintaining code of GtkImageMenuItem or images in buttons is too time-consuming? (I know that programmer can pack image to button or menu item manually, but it is not the same. It isn't convenient and user have not ability to disable images added this way.)

Thanks for reply.

Tomasz Gąsior

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