DnD and the drag window

I'm working on W32 OLE2 DnD code, and i encountered some weird behaviour.

There's a DnD going on, and it creates a popup window that moves along with the
mouse cursor, that's how it usually goes with DnD.

Problem is, that window is, technically, a toplevel, and thus it gets
registered as a DnD target, like all other toplevels are (whether this is a
good idea by itself is another question for another time). So the mouse pointer
moves over a widget, DnD enter is emitted, the popup is moved in sync, and now,
due to popup being very square, mouse is *over* the popup, and since popup is
also a drop target, the DnD switches to *it*
So this screws up all the DnD where drag widget is highly-rectangular.

How is this handled on X?

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