Re: gio enhancement.


On Thu, 2017-04-13 at 10:14 +0200, Bruggemann Eddie wrote:
Hi to everybody,

Some ideas for enhance GIO.


Why not include encrypting into GIO per example a function:


GFile *g_file_encrypt(GFile *file, GEnryptAlgo algorithm) ;



Or For multimedia files (Video, Music, Image) providing a way to
the meta-data:

in a type like this:



Else because Gtk has a library for the font (pango) for drawing
for images (gdk_pixbuf), and so on...

Why not get a library for playing sounds ?

GStreamer exists for playing sounds. Putting functionality for
encryption or playing sounds into GIO itself would pull in a lot of
code which would not be used by most projects which depend on GIO.

Instead, you should be looking at adding functions to those libraries
which take a GFile as a parameter.

Are you looking to fill a specific gap in functionality for a project
you’re working on?


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