Re: Removal of embedded widgets in 4.x

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In GTK+ git master embedded widgets were removed, along with the win32 and x variants.  The thing is, gtkprintoperation-win32.c makes use of these items, which will then prevent it to built and work.


I do have a very quick and dirty patch for it in 773299 (the only patch in there that is not committed at the moment), but I wonder whether there is any chance that I could do better with that, or that is the best I can do there.


Any lights and pointers in this would be really appreciated.

Having some private way to do embedded widgets *inside* gtk is much less problematic than exposing it as a general feature to all users, because we can then change it over time however we want.
So, having some win32 hacks for gtkprintoperation sounds fine to me.

However, the question is that over time as the way gtk+ renders is completely switched around, dropping things like non-toplevel GdkWindows, will we be able to keep the win32 embedding working? I'm not as sure about that part.

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