GTK graphics library + scientific framework

Hi there !
I'm currently using LabView in my lab to get data from instruments and
print 1D/2D/3D plots.
( is a good example)
I'd love to rewrite this (awful) piece of software in c++/gtk+.
But there is no plotting library in GTK…
There has been a discussion here :
It would really be great to have a plotting library, that could be used
in different existing projects. That's one of the reasons why Qt is
often a better solution than GTK.

I started some code here, but really not much :

I know I won't be able to write everything I want by myself, so feel
free to help if you want ! :D

Félix Piédallu
Président du Club Robotronik Phelma
06 51 41 32 48
Manjaro Linux. Feel the freedom.

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