Re: Gtk+4.0


On Sat, 2016-07-09 at 19:06 +0000, philip chimento gmail com wrote:

I'm expecting this will become less and less of a problem as apps move
to Flatpak as a means of distribution.

Uhuuu. I'm sorry, but this is bad.

This mixes two completely different problems together, packaging and a
toolkit. So enforcing Flatpak on distributions, developers and users
should solve a problem with Gtk+?

While Flatpak offers some nice features (especially easy install of
out-of-repo software), it includes so many problems that it cannot
replace package-management. The constant work done by the
downstream-maintainers makes GNU/Linux so well usable, it is not burden
but a duty.

Flatpak problems:
* increased memory consumption
* security fixes are not available for all applications
* basically all things dynamic-libraries have fixed...
* security and door-keeper function of distributions lost
* much more work for developers

If Gtk+ is allowed to be installed within a Flatpak the increased memory
consumption will be vast. I pretty sure that Jasper is right about the
"targets", including Gtk+ is not(?) allowed because it will blow up your

More about the issues with Flatpak (Archlinux):

Solving a problem with another problematic approach isn't a good idea.


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