Re: [glib] malloc and bdwgc

Yes it should be able to intercept the call, but it feels much too
hacky because I'll always need a wrapper exectuable for that, or my
binray won't work correctly. Just also came across this,
. It says I can define a custom wrapper malloc and free, then use
dlsym for the original ones. Sounds a bit cleaner.

However in both cases, I cannot think of a way to make GC_malloc() to
call the original malloc without my hook.

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2016-01-07 18:13 GMT+08:00 Ben Iofel <iofelben gmail com>:
Can you use LD_PRELOAD to hook into malloc?

On Thu, Jan 7, 2016, 2:10 AM 张海 <dreaming in code zh gmail com> wrote:

I'm using glib without the whole GObject system and reference counting
mechanism, and I'd like to integrate bdwgc
( because of the complexity of my

I've read about using GMemVTable to redirect memory allocation of glib
to GC_malloc, however as in ,
such mechanism no longer works, and even more unfortunately it says
glib allocates memory before main() so it seems that I'm even unable
to hook to malloc in time as in

Can I use bdwgc with glib >= 2.4.6? If so, how can I achieve that
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