Re: Up-to-date Valgrind suppression file for GLib/GTK+ ?

Hi Stefan;

On 29 December 2016 at 22:55, Stefan Sauer <ensonic hora-obscura de> wrote:

Sorry for reviving the thread. What if upstream lib ship a suppression
file and add a pkg-config variable pointing to it? Then apps can use
$PKG_CONFIG --variable=valgrind_suppressions gtk+-3.0
to collect those and e.g. export them into a valgrind wrapper or use
them in the test runners.

As Philip explained earlier in the thread, Valgrind can only accept a
single suppression file. So, if GTK+ ships a suppression file, it
would need to include suppression rules for all its dependencies, and
you would still be unable to add your own on top of that. The only way
around would be for every dependency you have to ship a suppression
file for their own symbols only, without duplicates, concatenate them
all to your own, and then feed it to your test suite. Every time
there's an update, you'd have to redo the concatenation and possibly
weed out duplicates manually.


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