FW: multitouch support for Windows

(Sorry, I forgot to reply to the list)


Windows 10 手機傳送


寄件者: fanc999 yahoo com tw
傳送時間: 20161229 13:29
收件者: Yale Zhang
主旨: RE: multitouch support for Windows


Hi Yale,


This sounds quite nice.  Can you go to https://bugzilla.gnome.org and submit a bug there, so that someone here can take a look at your patch, so that things don’t get lost in the mail list.


With blessings, thank you, and cheers!


Windows 10 手機傳送


寄件者: Yale Zhang
傳送時間: 20161229 11:58
收件者: gtk-devel-list gnome org; vincarlet gmail com
主旨: multitouch support for Windows


Greetings, I have a patch that adds the plumbing for multitouch

support on Windows.


I've tested it on testinput and the gesture demo, and they behave correctly.

I also fixed some problems with pressure pen (Wintab) support. The

tablet devices weren't showing up when calling gdk_seat_get_slaves(),

probably because it associated the wrong devices.


I'm using this for 2 finger gesture recognition in Inkscape for

zooming, scrolling, and rotating the canvas.





Vincenzo, you were complaining about this earlier:




did you want to try my patch? Anyone else who can review and check in

my changes?





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