GtkSocket/GtkPlug accessibility


It seems that GtkSocket and GtkPlug aren't tied together at the
accessibility level: e.g. the ATSPI tree from Accerciser shows them
separately, and atspi_accessible_get_application() returns the embedded
application rather than the embedding one.

This leads to e.g. Orca finding them being part of separate applications
and generally announcing some extra stuff.  And it technically makes
sense as nothing seems to tie them up at the ATSPI level.
Maybe Orca could hack something up to work around it, but I would think
it's not the proper place to change this.

So I'm wondering what should be done here.  Should GtkSocket and GtkPlug
have accessible implementations making use of AtkSocket and AtkPlug, and
this just hasn't been done yet, or is something else required?  Would
that solve the issue?

I know some people would like to forget about GtkSocket and GtkPlug :)
But fact is things like MATE-Panel make heavy use of those, so it'd be
nice to have it work properly.  I'd be willing to work on that, but I'm
first trying to see if I'm heading in the right direction or if I'm
totally off track.
Also, if it's the right thing to do, I guess the question of how to
communicate the socket ID arises, so that it could potentially work
outside GTK itself for other plugged windows to work.


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