Debug build compile error in 'gobject/gobject.c'

Hi there - I just came across a problem after updating libglib to the latest git master (my last update was about a fortnight ago).

I'm building with MSVC 8 and when I try to compile 'gobject/gobject.c' the Release version compiles fine but compiling in Debug mode gives me an error around these lines at the end of function 'void g_object_type_init (void) (approximately line 400):-

          debug_objects_ht = g_hash_table_new (g_direct_hash, NULL);
          g_atexit (debug_objects_atexit);

The error I see is:-

gobject\gobject.c(403) : error C2121: '#' : invalid character : possibly the result of a macro expansion

AFAICT gobject.c itself hasn't changed recently so is it possible that GOBJECT_IF_DEBUG has changed somehow? The Release build compiles okay so I guess that seems plausible. Thanks,


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