MSVC build error in gdk-pixbuf

Hi guys. I'm hoping this is the right place to report a build error with gdk-pixbuf (git master).

I updated a few days ago and I'm getting a compiler error at line 330 of io-png.c which looks like this:-

for (i = 0, ptr = pixbuf->pixels; i < h; i++, ptr += pixbuf->rowstride)

MSVC is complaining that it can't increment 'ptr' (in the bit that says "ptr += pixbuf->rowstride"). The compiler gives me error C2036 ('gpointer' has unknown size). 'ptr' gets declared like this at line 271:-

      gpointer ptr;

If I change the declaration to this:-

      guchar *ptr;

It now compiles.  Is that an acceptable change?


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