Re: [Discuss] Make a thinner Glib/GTK+ to fit tiny device better


On 16 October 2015 at 18:15, cee1 <fykcee1 gmail com> wrote:

The idea here is trying to make a thinner event loop.

You keep using that word, "thin". I don't think it means what you
think it means.

You have consistently failed to bring any measurement, or any metric,
that would allow you (or anybody else) to identify what's the current
state of GLib, and how would we identify a "thinner" version of GLib.

Saying that you want a "lightweight" version of GLib is pointless, if
you also don't define a system of measurement that defines what
"lightweight" even means.

E.g. g_socket_client_connect_async calls g_task_new, which uses
idle_source - routes to a main context and fires.

That's a pretty wrong understanding of how GTask actually works.

The idea is from the evas - "evas is not dependent or aware of main

Let's leave Evas out of this discussion.

I'm wondering is it a thinner and cleaner implementation, that
GTK+/GIO/etc provide hooks and let client or utility/glue library use
these hooks to put GTK+/GIO/etc into their event loop.

The idea is to have a fd-based interface that lets you extract a
(pollable) descriptor from GMainContext, and additional main loops can
poll on that; see the (lengthy) discussion on:


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