Re: Broadway backend fails with ”can't write to client”

On ons, 2015-10-07 at 10:21 -0400, Jay Jay Billings wrote:

I am playing with the Broadway backend on Fedora 21 and I am getting
a ”can't write to client” error. It works fine with simple
applications like gedit, but it hangs and prints this error on more
complicated applications like Eclipse. Specifically, I get one good
click or tooltip access in Eclipse before it fails and, after a bit,
disconnects and prints a wall of these errors in the broadwayd shell.
Fedora 22 makes it three clicks before crashing. On that machine I'm
running gtk3.16.7.
As far as I could tell from the Broadway source code, this is a
generic error printed whenever the output stream can't be written.
Could anyone give me some more suggestions on how to fix this? I'm
willing to jump into the code too if you have some developer "getting
started" docs.

"Can't write to client" basically means that the client process died,
so we can't send any events to it. This problem seem to be on the
client (that is the application, not the broadway daemon) side, so you
have to debug the client instead.

Having no idea of your particular problem I can still make a guess. It
is likely that your more complicated apps (like eclipse) is trying to
do something that is specific to the X11 backend, without actually
verifying that the active backend is X11 (or verifying and bailing

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