Problems when building the latest git master with MSVC

Problem #1:- When building today's git master of 'gio/gsocket.c' (with MSVC) I'm seeing compiler errors in the function 'input_message_from_msghdr()'. The errors are all broadly similar and take the following form:-

..\gio\gsocket.c (line 3961) : error C2037: left of 'msg_name' specifies undefined struct/union 'msghdr'

That function - 'input_message_from_msghdr()' - looks similar (conceptually) to 'input_message_to_msghdr()' and also to 'output_message_to_msghdr()'. But one crucial difference is that those latter two are getting implemented as #defines (whereas the first one is getting implemented as an actual function). AFAICT none of them actually gets used if G_OS_WIN32 is defined (although the function itself does get included in a compilation).

So should the first one be getting implemented like the other two? Or should it be getting guarded with #ifndef G_OS_WIN32? Or should we be declaring a 'msghdr' struct somewhere? Whatever's wrong, it looks like this must have happened very recently.

Problem #2:- Line 4469 (of the same file) calls 'g_socket_send_message_with_timeout()' which my linker reports as an unresolved symbol. Where does that function come from? Thanks.


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