Re: bug in gtk_adjustment_clamp_page()?

Am 27.11.2015 um 13:51 schrieb jcupitt gmail com:
The problem I had (and I guess you have?) is what happens if the
object being made visible is larger than the viewport. The code in
gtk_adjustment_clamp_page() will move the scrollbars to the top or
left of the object, even if as much of the object as possible is
already being displayed.

I was seeing an issue in EoG and Nemo, where it would jump to the start of the image list when the thumbnail view is active respectively (e.g. Nemo jumped to the first thumbnail, even though i had already scrolled downto and selected the 300th image thumbnail). I haven't noticed this issue in plain lists yet.

Since the same issue is in EoG and Nemo I thought it could be a general Gtk problem. However, I don't know how their thumbnail lists are implemented so I cannot judge for sure if it's the same problem you describe.

Best regards.

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