Re: GTK+, WM, desktops and CSD

Hi Jasper,

On 5 March 2015 at 21:39, Jasper St. Pierre <jstpierre mecheye net> wrote:
Ah, I think I see the disagreement.

No real disagreement, just discussions :)

We don't decide between SSD and CSD based on the presence of a compositor
and _GTK_FRAME_EXTENTS, we instead push really hard for CSD with an SSD

I think you hit the nail on the head here :)

It's a subtle difference, but it shows our preference: we don't want a hint
to say that the DE prefers SSD, we want a hint to say that the DE can
support/not support CSD.

That would work as well, why not.

If you want to help improve CSD fallbacks to behave better when we don't
have a compositor, that would be great! But ultimately, SSD does not lead to
the types of applications and the types of experiences we want to create, so
a hint asking us to prefer to use SSD that we would realistically mostly
ignore isn't particularly useful.

I have nothing against CSD myself, quite the contrary, but not anyone
wants CSD even when the DE supports it.


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