Re: Outdated win32 bundle

Probably if we want continuous integration what we should do is to put jhbuild up to speed on windows.
Last time I tried to build something with it, it failed but it is almost working.


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On 11 June 2015 at 14:28, Bálint Réczey <balint balintreczey hu> wrote:

>> If you want to coordinate this effort, you can use the gtk-devel-list
>> mailing list, and possibly join IRC to talk with the GTK developers
>> and the system administrators, in order to get a CI build
>> going on the servers.
> Perfect. Since we are already on the mentioned list who could I send
> my public SSH key?

You should first set up something on your system, and then contact the
GNOME system administrators to replicate it on the
infrastructure. If you don't have a system you can spare, you should
probably outline what you're planning to do on the list first.

> Is there any documentation on the GTK+ CI system?

The existing system used by GNOME is of continuous delivery, not just
integration; you can read more about it on the wiki:


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