Re: Outdated win32 bundle


Emmanuele Bassi wrote:

Developers using the G* core platform libraries on Windows are
strongly encouraged to use the MSYS2 distribution:

This will provide you with pre-built packages that are known to work
and maintained. It also allows you to build your own packages on top
of it, and create an installer from the result.

For whatever it's worth, I wanted to mention the GTK+ bundle provided
by the folks at the HexChat project has been incredibly useful to us,
specifically because their binaries were compiled with MSVC instead of

Importantly, the HexChat GTK+ Bundle provides *.pdb files, allowing
source level debugging within Microsoft's debugger.

The HexChat folks do also provide an automated script for building
the full dependency stack under Visual Studio 2013.  (I haven't tried
the script yet, personally.)

Anyway -- just wanted to mention the MSVC bundle was available, as
source-level debugging of GTK+ has been very important to our project
while doing Windows development.



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