Re: cl-cffi-gtk: A Common Lisp binding for GTK+ 3


On Wed, 2015-01-21 at 14:27 +0000, Sian Mountbatten wrote:
I'd like to bring to your attention the Common Lisp binding for GTK+ 3
written by Dr Dieter Kaiser <kaiser crategus com>. The binding is
thorough and well documented.

I don’t know much about Lisp, especially not about writing bindings for
it, but it appears that cl-cffi-gtk doesn’t use gobject-introspection
data. Is there a reason for this? Using it might allow you to
automatically bind a lot more GObject-using API.

If there are features or information missing from GIR files, please drop
an e-mail to gir-devel-list gnome org to discuss it.


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