Re: HELP: fixing nullable annotations for return values


On Fri, 2015-08-14 at 17:13 +0100, Alberto Ruiz wrote:
During GUADEC I decided to revive a small effort I took a while ago. 
I wrote a script using the private GObject Introspection AST API to 
check if %NULL was mentioned in the documentation string of any 
return value in any way that indicated that such function/method was 
likely to miss the (nullable) introspection annotation.

Sorry to have missed this at GUADEC. :-(

I have a couple of bug reports open about incorrect annotations

#719966 is a big one and is worth looking at because it depends on which suggests fixing
things by changing some of the GIR default assumptions about what’s
nullable and what’s not (regarding closures).

I came up with a list of 143 functions that I'm trying to fix on a 
branch (wip/aruiz/nullable-annotations), the plan is to collect and 
review all the fixes there and then rebase/sqash into master 
eventually. I'm tracking the effort on bgo#753520 [0] and using this 
Google Spreadsheet[1].

Anyone interested in helping fixing any of the listed functions, just 
add your IRC nickname in the owner list in the spreadsheet[1] and 
push into that branch. I only ask of a few things before pushing:
- Check if (transfer none/full) applies
- Rename NULL or #NULL as %NULL if you have the chance.
- Check if the function is actually nullable, my script may be 
mislead by whatever is in the document.

If we have any clang hacker, it'll be great if we could tool this 
into the compiler to check at compile time if a given function can 
return NULL at some point. To have something like this integrated in 
Builder and gobject introspection would certainly prevent new APIs to 
suffer from this problem.

If I ever get time to finish it. It can already do a lot of this —
that’s how I found all the problems in bug #719966. Help very much


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