Re: g_error_free() warning on null pointer

Emmanuele Bassi wrote:
Michael McConville wrote:
I wasn't suggesting that it's officially specified. I just think
that this aspect of free() is intentional and useful, and that people
have a reasonable expectation that g_error_free() will conform.

No, "people" don't have a reasonable expectation. Otherwise we would
have had many bugs about this, or many other email threads in the past
20 years. Please, don't try to generalise your issues.

I doubt they bother. I was annoyed by these console warnings for five
months but never bothered to look into it until I had to rework a number
of GError uses. Other Pidgin developers were also surprised by this.

You expected the *_free() functions in GLib to be NULL-safe. They
aren't, except for g_free().

g_error_free is. Maybe others too, I haven't checked. It just prints
annoying console warnings. This really isn't a big deal - it's strange
that some are being so political about it.

There is no explicit need to make them
NULL-safe, nor expectation of functionality. To be fair, a lot of
people to this day do not know that free() is NULL-safe; the amount of
code I've personally seen over the past 15 years that does:

  if (foo)
    free (foo);

is staggering.

Agreed, a lot of people don't know about free being NULL-safe. A lot of
people do, though.

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