Re: Why aren't gtk color variables used in the Adwaita scss?

On Mon, Sep 8, 2014 at 7:10 PM, Wayne Rowcliffe <wrowclif gmail com> wrote:
I was looking to extend the Adwaita theme to use some different colors.

This would be very straight-forward if Adwaita used @define-color
variables throughout the theme since I could just redefine those
values. However it looks like the Sass $variables are used instead.

Is there a technical reason why we can't use GTK's variable support?
It seems like it would be good on multiple levels, both because
theme's would be easier to customize and because we would be using our
own features.

There's several answers to this.

First, there _are_ some defined colors in Adwaita:

Second, defining colors like this effectively turns them into an API
that has to be preserved: Applications and theme authors start to rely
on them and complain when something changes. We want the freedom to
change things.

Third, Adwaita is not meant to be a theme construction kit, but rather
a complete, fully-defined experience. Making it
tweakable/configurable/extendable is not a goal.

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