Re: [PATCH] Fwd: Porting GTK+ app from defining custom stock items to using GtkIconTheme

Hi Emmenuele,

2014-03-11 22:25 GMT+01:00 Emmanuele Bassi <ebassi gmail com>:

thank you for your patches!

patches for the GTK+ project are handled and reviewed on Bugzilla:

could you please file a new bug and attach your patches there?

also, you should follow the recommendations for contributions here:
The patches already follow the guidelines (feel free to correct me if
I'm wrong).
They are literally one liners. Could we please skip the bugzilla part here?


again, thanks for your contribution to the GTK+ project!


On 11 March 2014 14:24, Bálint Réczey <balint balintreczey hu> wrote:

Please consider accepting the attached patches.


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Subject: Re: Porting GTK+ app from defining custom stock items to
using GtkIconTheme
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Hi Stefan,

2014-03-03 0:34 GMT+01:00 Stefan Salewski <mail ssalewski de>:
On Sun, 2014-03-02 at 23:29 +0100, Bálint Réczey wrote:
The link I have sent in two of my emails points to a gerrit review,
I have marked the relevant parts.
Could you please check it? It should do as fine as a minimal example
experienced eyes.

I saw the link already some days ago -- but I am only an average GTK
developer, far from an expert...

One remark:

In your code:
gtk_icon_theme_add_builtin_icon(pixmaps[i].name, GTK_ICON_SIZE_MENU,

From GTK documentation:

size: the size at which to register the icon (different images can be
registered for the same icon name at different sizes.)

But you register the same pixbuf object for various sizes.

It was my feeling, that you should specify not the desired, but the
actual size. See bottom most answer here:
Thank you for the hints. The size was wrong for the icons, indeed.
The migration is almost perfect now, I just need to figure out why the
toolbar icons are not shown when they overflow the toolbar width.

I have attached two minor patches for GTK+. One clarifies the size
parameter usage, one helps compiling GTK+ apps with -Wc++-compat.


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