Re: debugging broadway

On mån, 2014-03-10 at 23:06 +0100, Stefan Sauer wrote:
On 03/10/2014 09:07 PM, Alexander Larsson wrote:
On mån, 2014-03-10 at 15:14 +0100, Stefan Sauer wrote:

I wanted to see the broadway backend in action. Using gtk+3.8 I run
broadwayd --address=<ipaddr> --port=8080 :5
This has "8080"

BROADWAY_DISPLAY=:5 GDK_BACKEND=broadway ./my-gtk3-app

On the browser side, all I get is a blank window with a title
containing "broadway 2.0". Tested with chrome 33.0 and firefox 27.0.

Firefox has this in the firebug console:
"NetworkError: 404 File not found - http://xxx:8084/socket-test";
This has "8084"

Cut and paste error?

Yes :/ I'ved played a bit with the js debugger in the browers but still
not success.
Is there any order for launching stuff? Like
1) broadwayd, 2) connect from browser, 3) launch gtk-app?

broadwayd first, then any order should work.

Also, there is a keyboard handler handleCommands() on the js side. But
pressing keys in the browser window seem to not show any effect. When I
set a breakpoint on handleCommands() its not called, which makes me
thing that the handler is not active.

handleCommands() is not a keyboard handler. It handles messages from the
broadway server from the websocket, and that is what fails to connect
for you.

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