Some question about GLib

Hello there,

my name is ameen

and I'm interested in C Language and its simplicity

while I'm searching on the internet about C implementation and libraries I found GLib

I take a look at the source code is was so simple and powerful and dynamic
I really liked it (GMem, GArray, GError, ...)

I'm don't have that long experience in C but I can very much understand and learn a lot

I have some question about the source code that I don't know what it does mean for example:
gmem.h:120: "(void) (0 ? (gpointer) *(pp) : 0);"

I dont know where i can ask for information about some of the codeĀ 
(i cant ask on because i'm blocked from asking all my question are down rated)

Also I have some troubles when compiling the Lib on windows one of them is (error C2001: newline in constant)

I hope you can tell me where I can have some information related to GLib



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