Re: dynamically load an UI in a main UI

On Tue, Apr 29, 2014 at 6:09 PM, narcisse doudieu siewe <wambenarcisse yahoo fr> wrote:

Just a question...suppose that you have some clients and each client has a main application UI(user interface) which is just a GtkWindow instance
and suppose that for some business reasons, you have to create at need a child UI (which subclass any GtkContainer like GtkBox or GtkGrid for example) you actually make you UI, compile the code of this UI
and after you distribute it over internet to your client. This client has to get the code, load this code which becomes the child UI of the main UI...what can I do that? I have take a look at

This isn't a GTK problem. It is just a general programming problem related to dynamically loading shared objects and providing known entry points to call into them.

There are no problems doing what you are describing - we do it all the time in Ardour when we load arbitrary 3rd party blobs called "plugins" which can come with their own GUI that we have to display.


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