Re: Question about install gobject-introspection


On Thu, 2014-01-02 at 00:15 +0800, daedae11 wrote:

I install new edition of glib in /usr/local, However it find
glib-types.h in /usr. I'm new hand to linux. How can I solve this

Rather than running configure/make/make install and such by hand,
You should pick a meta-build system which will handle this for you.

Installing things in /usr/local by hand requires additional environment
variables such as PKG_CONFIG_PATH and such. is a good choice and other
GNOME developers can help you.

If your host system is delivered via a "package system" such as dpkg or
RPM, try updating the packages and installing those.

(Or alternatively, configure with --prefix=/usr and "sudo make install"
on top of the packages.  I consider this a bad idea, but some people do

If you're cross compiling, investigate a mature build system such as

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