Re: Memory tracking in GJS

Hey Cosimo,

Nice to see someone looking at this issue.

On 20/02/14 01:50, Cosimo Cecchi wrote:
* keep track of memory allocated in GJS itself. We can use GType to query the size of the instance, class and even the size of private data. This still doesn't include additional allocations inside the object itself, such as strings, buffers and payloads. We could track those case-by-case by e.g. overriding constructors in the binding for "interesting" pixbuf-like types (ugh), or have a way to query that information from the type system/introspection itself.

Adding on this, I have to mention my experience with OpenGL allocated textures. These often end up being completely outside of the process' address space (so completely invisible) and only represented by a very thin object in GObject/Gjs.


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