Re: Should We Start Dropping Windows XP Support?

On Tue, Dec 30, 2014 at 5:25 PM, Ryan Lortie <desrt desrt ca> wrote:
I also make
a totally uninformed 'gut' guess that the people who are still running
XP are probably not the kind of people (by and large) who are into
installing new versions of software on their computers anyway (ie: they
won't be using the new versions of GLib and Gtk or any software that
packages them).

Easily the best rationale I've seen yet. Other than the fact that software that uses
Glib or Gtk on Windows is going to (to quote upthread) "bring its dependencies with it".
Neverthless, the notion that "sure, XP is out there, but it isn't a target for installs or
development of new software" seems dead center to me.

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