Re: hooking spinner to GtkSidebar page transition

Thanks Debarshi, Matthias, and Emmanuele for the quick and helpful

Emmanuele Bassi <ebassi gmail com> writes:

this is more of a question for gtk-app-devel-list than for
gtk-devel-list. nevertheless…

Sorry about that and thanks for the pointer.

there's no real need to "inject" a second transition. since you're
already using a GtkStack, you can use an unnamed page holding the
GtkSpinner, and show it by default while loading the other pages in
the background.

The problem is that I want to show the spinner page only when the page
loading takes long time (not by default), as HIG suggests:


alternatively, you can place the whole sidebar + stack into another
stack, and have a separate page with the spinner inside that.

the nested stack / overlay approaches sound the best fit for my
use-case.  Perhaps there could be a specialized widget which supports
this pattern, if the use-case is common?

Daiki Ueno

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