GSourceFuncs not fully documented


If you read

you may notice the last statement about prepare() is prematurely terminated:

"Since 2.36 this may be NULL, in which case the effect is as if the function always"

As if the function always what?

Also, the other 3 member functions of GSourceFuncs is not documented at all.
E.g. I had to discover by trial and error that if dispatch() returns FALSE,
the GSource gets removed from the mainloop.

Can I get a full documentation of this very useful feature?

It seems
has a more complete documentation but it's still not complete.

What does finalizing a GSource mean?
- Does the finalize() callback get called when during g_source_destroy()?
- Does it get called when the dispatch() function returns FALSE?

Thanks in advance,
Zoltán Böszörményi

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