Re: GtkGlArea port to GTK+3 : RFYC

Hi Vincent, LE GARREC Vincent writes:

GtkGLArea cannot work properly with Broadway, because when you use Broadway, you don't have any X11/Win32 context at all. You're just drawing to a pixbuf rendered via a HTML5 canvas. BTW, WebGL is the only well-known method to use OpenGL is a browser. But I don't see how it could be implemented in GTK+ (you'd have to generate WebGL client-side code on the fly... pure hell). So I'd classify this as NOTABUG personally ;-)

3) gcc  -o glx glx.o `pkg-config --cflags --libs gtk+-3.0 gl` -lX11

The only problem about my example is
that you need "-lX11" in gcc and the X11's lib is really difficult to
compile for Windows.

Your code doesn't use GtkGLArea at all, but GLX ; so yes, it obviously is Unix-specific and needs X11. GtkGLArea was designed to avoid this, by using GLX on X11, and WGL on Windows, transparently. So if you'd use GtkGLArea, you'd have a single code and recompile it with no changes on Unix and Win32. That's the whole point of the library.


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