Some widget idea

I have some idea about a helpfull widget in gtk. 
the purpose of this widget is to give to the developper an clickable area (like
a button) which can encopase any complex widget. image it like a button with
the difference that it can contain more widget than an image and a label (a
GtkBin in which we could set a GtkGrid, GtkBox etc... and which can be
for this widget a numbre of relief can be define.

It could give to us the illusion to "style" any container.
we can make a clickable box-shadow etc...
we can make a very complex widget which could be clickable 

I think an I'm sure that it will be a very good widget.Only this widget can
receive a clicked signal not other widget inside it.

I also notice some thing, there is no possibility to define a particular relief
to a particular GdkWindow and I think that this is also important.

some issues:

actualy box-shadow is not fully support this is not very good I suppose.

the "inset" paramater in box-shadow not properly work in Gtk+-3.10


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