Re: GTK+2 - GtkFileChooserButton shows (none) as selected folder and crashes

On Sat, Oct 19, 2013 at 8:56 AM, Alessandro Francesconi <alessandrofrancesconi live it> wrote:
Thanks for the reply, Paul

So you are telling me that this could be a known bug in versions prior to 2.24?
In this case there is a problem. The application is actually a GIMP plugin and it must be compatible with a wide set of GTK versions. For example, the latest branch of GIMP 2.8.x for Windows still depends on GTK+ 2.16 / 2.22.
Does it mean that the problem won’t be solved for such environment unless someone will upgrade the dependency to > GTK 2.24? Am I right? Other solutions?

Also, is there a bug report opened for this issue somewhere?

The issue has already been fixed (or is believed fixed). But if you are like most developers of Linux software, you cannot control precisely what versions your users have installed. The fixes did not change the minor release number of GTK, so it was still 2.24 before and after the fixes went in (but a different micro release number).

It was some rather bad that a new release of GTK+2 was allowed out with the extent of the breakage in the filebrowser that happened, but it did and so we need to move on.

But ... it hasn't even been established that your issue is one of the many I am referring to. You would have to check this more carefully by testing different versions of GTK.

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