share an excitement about Gnome

firstly,sorry about put sth which is not about tech question here;but,i'm a little excited.
in the link above,I find sth about Gnome(or GTK+)IDE/SDK.
long time for me to expect an powerful IDE created for GTK+ or Gnome.
as we all kown,Win has virsul studio,Mac has xcode,KDE(or Qt) has QtCreator,apprently,GNOME(or Gtk+) shoule have n powerfull IDE too.
1)Gnome 'new" apps has pleased many gonme users;similarly it should pleased develops.(an IDE integerade with gorgeous develop libraries is the most feasible mannul to  cheer them up.)
2)After all, not every developer is a hacker or high-level develops;perhaps we could describe it with 20-80 rules;
At last,I'm looking forward to the IDE;if  it could support multiplatforms(Mac, Win)like QtCreator;Gtk+ will be more popular in developers,as . Perhaps it's time for gtk+ to be more similar to a platform not just a gui toolkit.
sorry again for puting here;thanks for reply sincely.

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