Re: Is this a cast?

Thanks again Allin

Sorry everyone about the garbage post. Just in case someone finds this later I want to mention a better way to self study along with Krause's book, I just got this set up last night.

You can download the examples to the book here:

Download the source code for glib and gtk and put them in the same extracted folder.

Install ctags

ctags `find -name "*.[ch]" `
 to create a tag file

then load all the c files into vim with:
gvim  `find -name "*.[ch]" `

From within vim run:
set tags=/path/to/your/tag/file/tags

Go to an example file.

Hover over an unknown identifier and with left mouse + CTLR you will go to the to site of declaration

right mouse click + CNTRL will take you back to where you were.


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