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John Emmas writes: Hi John,
I'm not sure if this is the right place for my question but if not, maybe someone will point me in the right direction.... About 2 years ago I built the Ardour DAW which was then at version 2. I built it for Windows, using MSVC. Naturally there were a few problems but eventually it all worked. I'm now trying to build Ardour3. Ardour3 still uses GTK2 in case that's significant. GTK2 and all the other libraries are also built (by me) using MSVC The build itself seems to have gone okay but when I try to run it, GTK complains (and subsequently crashes) because it can't find the "hicolor" theme and icons. In particular, it crashes when trying to load something called "edit-find" (a cursor maybe?) Each time it crashes, I see some debugging output which directs me to this web page:- Various themes are listed there but I've no idea how to install them (or even where to install them!) How do I find out more about these themes and what I need to do with them?

Just extract the latest archive and run "configure-make-make install". It will install the theme directory structure to "usr/share/icons". Not sure there is an MSVC build script for that, though. At worst, grab this directory from an existing bundle and put it in your folder.
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